About the Hartwick Huskys

Bob Knake and Paul Atherton formed our club in 1965 because, “We thought it was a nice way to get everyone together on the lake.”

The club Incorporated with the name “Hartwick Huskys” for two reasons: (1) because of the old town of “Hartwick” which is submerged under the water of Lake Delhi; and (2) “Huskys” in honor of the Husky Ruchotzke family. Merlin Ruchotzke, his wife and three daughters were killed in a car accident while returning from a ski tournament in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Our non-profit club is made up of young people and adults from Delhi, Manchester, Cedar Rapids, Ryan, Dyersville, Monticello, Coggon, Farley, Hopkinton, Earlville and New Vienna. The enthusiastic group takes to their skis come rain or shine, hot or cold, beginning as early in May as possible and until the school year begins in August. The kids love to get together and have formed many life-long friendships over the years.

The Huskys’ called Lake Delhi home until July 2010 when extreme flooding breached the earthen levy attached to the Lake Delhi Dam and drained the lake. In 2011 the, team reached an agreement with the city of Manchester and now call Schram Park their home.